Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 things that will disappear in our Lifetime

I read this interesting article in which the author made a list of 9 things in our day to day life which will cease to exist in the future.
For the most part, I wholeheartedly agree with the authors picks.  I found myself nodding my head with each topic.  There are some comments that I wanted to express based on this article.

1. Post Office:  I agree that people are using the post office less and less and that it may be losing a lot of money.  I do think there are certain essential services in which the government will continue to fund despite a lack of profit.  The article states that ups and fed ex are taking over and while it may be true, there are some cheaper people out there (like me) who refuse to pay their fees.  I am one of few people with friends abroad and so I use Canada Post a couple times a year to send packages.  I also believe that with the invention of certain websites like ebay and etsy the post office is getting quite a bit of business so that it will be able to continue running for a long period of time. 

The check, the book, the newspaper and the land line.  Will they fail to exist during our lifetime? Yes and No.  I mean these 4 things have already begun a new generation of their genres.  The check is fairly nonexistent already with the help of online banking and being able to pay for things with your bank card.  In reality that's exactly what its purpose was and now it has adapted.  The book and newspaper have both been revamped so that you can read them online.  Its the same thing, only now you read it from a screen.  I do believe that newspapers will start to charge a subscription because after all, the people who produce them need to get paid and we don't necessarily want to see ads posted all over our screen. The land line has been replaced by the cell phone.  It is the newest thing for younger adults to move into a house without needing a land line.  The only reason to vote for it to stay would be because when you call a family dwelling, you can get anyone answering the phone and that may be a source of excitement for you.  Otherwise, no reason to have it because every other feature is available on your cell phone (unless you have an archaic one and are reluctant to move into a modernized world!).

Music and Television going away is just rediculous.  These two sectors in the entertainment industry are far better paid than most other choices of employment.  Will actors and singers take a pay cut because their art form will be easier to produce and distribute among their avid followers? Yes of course! Can we be realistic here? They are severely overpaid as it is and maybe with a pay cut, will we have less people trying out for these sources of entertainment. 

Privacy hits home with me, maybe because Ive watched far too many movies about the future and sense that we are always being watched.  Call me paranoid but everytime I look around, there are cameras who are taping our every move.  If someone really wanted to follow us, they could easily.  Do i think that my life is under a microscope? Not particularly. I just dont want to ever do something bad that might have someone needing to find me because they will succeed with the right connections! 

So there you have it, my opinions on the article.  If you have some of your own, I would love to hear from you!