Monday, July 13, 2015

SAMR and TPACK Models

Discuss considerations for system adoption of one of the models (SAMR or TPACK). What do school or system leaders have to take into account when promoting adoption of one of the models? 

I think that for my school, the SAMR model is a little easier to understand and implement at this time.  Most teachers are not using their technology to the fullest extent and are really only using the Substitution area.  By using the SAMR model to show teachers where they fall, it might force them to think about their pedagogy and maybe they will try to push themselves to Augmentation or Modification stages this year.  
The leaders need to take into account what stages the teachers are at before they introduce the method so that they can have a plan in place in order to encourage staff members to go up to the next level.  

I also think that leaders should be checking in at certain points during the year to assess the changes made to teaching practices.  I think teacher should bring a lesson plan already taught to a meeting and have others give suggestions as to how to make it richer or to the redefinition stage. Only then, I can see teachers actually using the model in their planning and trying to make a difference.