Saturday, July 18, 2015

My E-learning strategy

Provide a brief overview of the princial e-learning strategy, explaining how aspects of the strategy can be used to respond to individual needs of students.

My e-learning strategy at the moment is most definitely a blended learning one.  With my paperless classroom, my goal one day would be to have everything organized so that if I wasn't there one day, the class could continue as if I was there.  I am away quite a bit because of my technology strengths and my love for learning and so when supply teachers come into my classroom, it is basically a wasted day because they are scared of the technology and the students this past year played "dumb" in that they would act like they weren't sure of the expectations and where to go to get resources even though it was clearly laid out for them the day prior or on the supply plan.  

It would take some time, but to have a digital copy of instructions whether it be typed or on a vlog would be where I would like to go with my teaching.  I know that grade 6 is early to be thinking about elearning on a permanent basis so that is why blended would be perfect because they still need the teacher there for structure, to solve drama issues and to boost confidence but that they start to learn how elearning works so that when they are older, they can fit right in with society (assuming society will be more elearning based by the time they are older of course).