Thursday, July 30, 2015

Discuss for the integration of information and computer technology instruction from a school or system perspective. What are the challengesand barriers? Identify professional learning and supports that would enable deeper use

Challenges and barriers:

Parents - Many have an older view on how school should be run and they are very narrow minded on how technology is not only changing the education system as a whole but the way we will operate in the future.  We need to educate the parents, we need to invite them into our classrooms to see what we do. They need to understand why this is important for their child to learn these skills.

Funding - Deficits are happening and education is where the government likes to take the money from. Sad but true.  We need more money for technology yet we are receiving less and less.  We need to think about how we can overcome this challenge.  High school students creating apps during class? Can we somehow monopolize from that? I am not sure.. we need research and law to see what we can do.

Traditional teachers - Many teachers who have been teaching a certain way want to continue teaching and do not want to learn new skills especially if they are close to retirement.. Then they retire, go on the supply list and the homeroom teacher doesn't get their plan followed because the supply did it their own way.... (sorry just a little frustration of mine)

I think the government needs to spend a little money to make PSAs or commercials promoting technology in education and educating parents.  Only then do I see a change for the better.