Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am soo excited about this site, you don't even understand!  I have been like a kid in a candy store, running around showing my colleagues all about it!
Lingro is not your average dictionary site. It transforms the words on any website to a clickable features that gives the definition.  I find that my students hate researching in French because there are always words which the kids don't know and it is time consuming to look in dictionaries or on Word Reference.  They usually end up going to google translate and try and translate everything into English.  This of course frustrates me as a teacher, because kids are soo lazy these days with technology.

 Lingro allows you to paste the URL of the page you want to use and you are able to pick the dictionary option that you need (there are so many languages to use here!).  At the moment, there isn't a French- French dictionary option but it looks like it will be coming soon as they collect more vocabulary from French sites.  My students are currently so lucky to be able to use the FRENCH-ENGLISH feature which transforms the words on a French website to the English translation.
What I like about it, is that the whole site doesn't change into English, just the words which need to be verified.  So students no longer have an excuse to translate the whole site into English to do their research!
What are we thinking about this amazing site??!!! Are you as excited to use it as I am?!