Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reflection of Learning Module 1

As mentioned in a previous post, I am taking a computers course to upgrade my qualifications for my career.  We have been asked to reflect on what we have learned/saw throughout the first module. We read an article about computer labs versus a couple computers in the classroom and found that labs are more effective because everyone is learning at the same time.  I would have to agree not only for the learning but also for the teacher to be able to give instructions once (ok twice... lets be real here!)
If I had students at a centre who constantly need my assistance to use the computers, I would go nuts!
Moving on, we looked at our school and board computer policies where I think for the most part, they are up-to-date but need a little tweaking in the future to be applied to students who hack into or are very advanced in their skills.  If the administrator does not know a lot about technology, how advanced is the policy?

Moving on, we looked at web 2.0 tools.  I use them a lot but I get very stressed when I can't use them all.  I have a tendency to need to be an expert on all things technology because staff members are always asking me how to do things but it is impossible with the amount of tools popping up daily! This portion of the course was a bit of a review for me as I have tried to use many of the available websites mentioned. I liked how it was differentiated though to apply to different levels because as I feel very comfortable with sites like edmodo, or blogger, others do not.  In part one of Integration of technology in the classroom, because it was in class, we looked at a different web 2.0 site in depth.  It allowed me to play and then plan how I was going to use it the next day in class.  This item around, I was able to take a look at geogebra to tackle how I am going to teach geometry in math with a paperless classroom.  Win, win for me! I had been meaning to do that anyways! I think that is also why I took this course.  To "force" me to take the time to look for new things!

Next post, I am going to attempt a math quiz with google forms.. Not course related but stay tuned for my pros and cons!