Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reflection is part of your work

I am taking another course and this time it is my part 2 of computers in the classroom.  Not only will be I writing about my classroom, but I will be reflecting on various texts that I am required to read for this course.  That way, I can share with you my thoughts.  The first reflection is from the article Another Reason to Blog; Proactive Through Reflection by George Couros who talks about blogging as a way of narrowing your ideas and focusing on one thing.  I find this extremely important in my life because technology is changing soo much and its easy to get caught up in wanting to implement something in your classroom but then before you become confident in your practice, another concept is introduced.  

While I find that keeping a blog/journal of your daily initiatives would be helpful, I find at times I become overwhelmed with the daily grind and the last thing I want to do at times is to write about it.  What I did find useful in this post was that George seems to blog during the day as his students are.  That has given me a new perspective because I always feel guilty when I am not 100% focused on the students but yet we are trying to model how to do certain things and why not take the time when teaching students to blog their reflections to do the same?  After all, "reflection is part of your work!" This way, hopefully I will be able to become more organized with respect to which apps will benefit my classroom more rather than knowing the most apps possible and not having vision as to how I will use them in the classroom.